Módulo 2 do Curso de Inglês Carol me Ensina. BASIC 2


Caroline Capel Professora Curso


Basic 2 – Básico II

  • Adjetives – Uses and Definitions.
  • Also / Too / Either.
  • Will & Going To.
  • Future Continuous.
  • **Bonus** Office Vocabulary.
  • **Bonus** How to Order in a Restaurant.
  • To Have (Verb).
  • So and Such – How and when to use.
  • Countable vs Uncountable – Much and Many.
  • Comparatives and Superlatives – Uses, Definitions and More.
  • Music Class – I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston.
  • **Bonus** Understanding the Verbal Tenses in English.
  • Could, Should and Would (Modal Verbs).
  • This and That – These and Those.
  • Possessive Pronouns – Of or ´s.
  • Let´s Talk – Aula de Conversação – Basic II.
  • **Bonus** How to Order in a Starbucks Store.
  • AT, ON, IN – Prepositions of TIME.
  • AT, ON, IN – Prepositions of PLACE.
  • Pronunciation Class – Basic II
  • Music Class – Cold Water – Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber.
  • Vocabulary – Weather (Relacionado à condições climáticas).
  • Os opostos em inglês – Antonyms.
  • The uses of the word “SO”.
  • When to use NO and NOT?.
  • Anything, Something or Nothing?.




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